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Individual 2 year old seedlings

Individual 2 year old seedlings

Mr Prickles 2020 Seedlings List.

Pick any plant from the list for $15 plus postage.

Tall white Schick x Soehrensia Formosa red

T. hoffer Red

Soft yellow x Schick pink

Tall white Schick x Schick Pink

Flame x Tall white Schick

Tall white Schick x Hot Pink

Echinopsis Sp x Schick Pink

Best Red x Trich Sp

Soft Yellow x Lamprochlorus

Thelongonus x Schick Pink

White Schick x Soft Yellow

Amaze balls x Tall white Schick

Pinky Flame x Bensons chiloensis

Goliath x Schick Pink

Moses x Sut #1

Oreocereus Celcianus

Scop Heynes x Sharxx

Sharxx x Sausage

Capel x Trojan Llama

Hulk x Sharxx

SASS x Sharxx

Scop Worm x Capel

Scop Worm x Sausage

Sausage x Capel

Scop Heynes x Zeds Scop

Sausage x Sharxx

Sharxx x Zeds Scop

Helon x Super Pedro

Super Pedro x Mike

Super Pedro x Fields Pach

Super Pedro x Capel

Super Pedro x Goliath

Super Pedros x Christie’s Peru

Hulk x Trojan Llama.

Scop Kirsty x Truman

Zeds Scop x Tjuno

Jac 001 x Tjuno

Scop Heynes x HB01

Zeds Scop x Sharxx

Zeds Scop x Scop Heynes

Zeds Scop x Scop Worm

HB01 x Dan

Strath Macro x HB01

Strath Macro x Tjuno

Strath Macro x Capel

Mike x Sausage

Brighton Cordobensis x Super Pedro

Dan x Fields Pach

Brighton Cordo x Christie’s Peru

Brighton Cord x Knuthianus

Capel x Psycho0

Capel x Hahn Pach

Capel x Tjuno

Goliath x Dawsons Knuthianus

Fields Pach x Yeti

Fields Pach x Capel

Fields Pach x (SSO2 x Juul’s Giant)

Fields Pach x Sharxx

Fields Pach Op

Hahn Oach x MSS

Hahn Oach x Helon

Fields Oach x Hahn Pach

Hahn Pach x MSS

Hahn Pach x Dawsons Knuthianus

Riverlands SS Peru OP

Super Pedro x Helon

Christie’s Peru x Mike

PB Peru OP

Yeti x Zeds x Scop

Yeti x Psycho0

SS02 x Juul’s Giant) x Zeds Scop

SS02 x Juul’s Giant) x Pach Dan

Christie’s Peru x Goliath

Christie’s Peru x Helon

Christie’s Peru x MSS

Christie’s Peru x Rita

Christie’s Peru x (Juul’s Giant x Lumberjack)

Christie’s Peru x Truman

Christie’s Peru x Ben

Len x Dawson’s Pascana

RG1 Chub x Moses

Dawsons Chiloensis x MSS

Emerald City Bridgisii OP

Aaron x Noarhunga

Hillside Bridgisii x Sausage

Eileen OP

SS Bridgisii x Trojan Llama

Bruce OP

Lumberjack x Sharxx

Awful x Skip

Psycho0 x Tjuno

Psycho0 OP secret garden

Psycho0 x Sausage

Psycho0 x (Juul’s Giant x Scop)

Psycho0 x Dan

Psycho0 x Roy

Psycho0 Op

Psycho0 x Capel

Christie’s Peru x Dawsons Pascana

SASS x Rita

Dawsons Pascana x RG1 Tersch#2

Secret Garden Validus OP

ABG Tacquirensis x Dawsons Chiloensis

SASS2 x Dawsons Pascana

  • 2 year old Seedling list

    Pick any individual plants from the list that you would like for $15 each.

    This is the Mr Prickles 2020 complete Seedling List

  • How to order

    Add the Hybrid name/s to the order at the checkout or message me the names of the ones you would like.

    If you would like multiples then just increase the quantity and list the multiple names or quantity of each.

    Any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

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